Brand new line-up
Exciting new show

The all new CREEDENCE AND FRIENDS tribute show has been an exciting challenge for all the members of the band, including our new members who add to the show's dynamic coverage of the Creedence experience. The show encapsulates all the CCR songs of the past including the current music of John Fogerty.

The band has also included some of the artists that have performed with the legendary John Fogerty.

The Band

The Sounds and Hits of
CCR and John Fogerty

Mark Gillett, Creedence and Friends

Mark Gillett

Lead Vocals / Guitar

 Mark has been playing for well over 30 years and has supported many well known bands.  Mark has toured throughout Australia and New Zealand. He brings to the Creedence and Friends show a dynamic vocal capturing the sounds of John Fogerty and those guitar riffs that have become synonymous with Creedence Clearwater Revival.

John Williams, Creedence and Friends

John Williams

Mandolin / Guitar / Manager

John began playing  guitar in the late 60's alongside many renown artists. John now plays the mandolin as well as  guitar to add to the Show's dynamic performance.  With the current material of John Fogerty's show the Ovation mandolin adds the blue grass sound that embraces that era of the late 60's and 70's.

Gary Jelfs, Creedence and Friends

Gary Jelfs

Lead Guitar / Lap Steel

Gary has been part of the Australian music scene for over 40 years. Gary's creativity on guitar and lap steel has him as a sought-after session musician. His playing of John Fogerty classics should not be missed.

Scott Murray, Creedence and Friends

Scott Murray

Bass / Vocals

Scott is a multi-instrumentalist who plays bass guitar with the show.  His vocal harmonies are pivotal to the band's characteristic sound.  Scott has supported many of Australia's leading artists and is a highly regarded musician.

Mark Langfield , Creedence and Friends

Mark Langfield

Drums / Vocals

Mark has been in the music scene for over 30 years having worked and performed with Australia's best musicians.  His energy produces an amazing drum sound.  Mark also runs a successful audio business.